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Still searching for the perfect pattern?


eometric - the professional pattern-making method created especially for making made-to-measure tailored upper-body garments for women.

For over 30 years EO | Estanislao has been deconstructing, studying, and experimenting - with the goal to perfect the way to make patterns that fit our customers like a glove.

Every dress produced by EO begins with our customer’s measurements. Then, using our patented method and tools, a pattern is made for the customer, regardless of their body type and size. 

eometric does not transform nor scale pattern blocks, our method gives you the know-how to quickly create a new upper-body pattern block for each of your customers, ensuring the minimum of fittings and adjustments.

Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to provide an amazing personal ‘made-to-measure’ experience for your customers - teamed with less work in the production of the garment. It will allow you to cater for all shapes and sizes of customers confidently, adding value to your brand. This, in itself, will give you a competitive advantage – be it in your own business, or for searching for employment.

learning eometric

eometric is a new technical flat pattern-making method developed especially for making made-to-measure garments for your clients. It is designed for professionals, by professionals.

Our aim is that participants will leave the workshop with the confidence to design directly on the mannequin, to calculate body volume using our unique tools, and make perfect flat pattern blocks for upper body garments that fit their customers perfectly. We will not be teaching you how to transform your block, as you should have already have years of experience in transformation. We show you how to make a perfect fitting block, balanced armholes and gorgeous sleeves for tailored upper-body garments.

With the help of our included support, and our super-complete 350 page step-by-step manual, professionals can confidently master how to work using eometric. Once practiced, the method opens the door to efficiently make upper-body garments for every shape and size of woman.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand the method using our super-complete step-by-step manual.

• Learn how to take precise measurements using our patented T-metric tools.

• Learn how to make a zero-ease pattern block for your mannequin. It will correlate to your flat patterns like a grid.

• Learn how to work with a mannequin to visualise your projects in 3D, and how to transfer them to your pattern in proportion.

• How to make a new pattern block for each customer that requires the minimal amount of adjustment during the first fitting.

 How to make custom upper body patterns for any silhouette or any configuration of body.

• Understand the eases to make patterns for any upper body garment: dresses, bodices, blouses, jackets, and coats.

• How to make a variation of sleeve patterns to perfection.

• How to make tailored lapels and necklines,  and finishing with a toile tailored jacket in your measurements (or of a colleague if you are male ;-)


workshops in our barcelona atelier 

eometric in Spanish – 2017
eometric in English – summer 2018

Number of participants: minimum 2, maximum 4 participants per maestro

Length of workshop: 4 days

Time of workshops:

Morning session                09:00h-13:00h
Free time lunch break       13:00h-14:00h
Afternoon session             14:30h-19:00h (20:00h) final day


Workshop includes:

• An enjoyable but intensive 4-day workshop in our Barcelona Atelier.

• All course materials (as well as tools available for use for travellers - scissors, rulers etc.).

• An individual licence to use the EOMETRIC method. (eometric can not be shared nor taught)

• A personalised step-by-step manual for all women’s upper body garments.

• Our patented T-metric tools and other goodies.

• A certificate on completion of the workshop.

• 3 months of support via email, and 2 hours of bookable consultations via webcam, telephone, or in our Barcelona atelier.

• Preferential access, and special pricing to our future workshops, master classes, tools, apps, CAD modules, and our future online community.


Minimum requirements:

You must be able to easily hand-draw a pattern block with sleeves from zero, transform the block, mark/cut the pattern and sew a toile. (If that did not make sense to you, then you should look into taking a beginners patternmaking course near you, as the system is only for experienced pattern-makers).

You must be fluent in Spanish for the Spanish workshops, and fluent in English for the English workshops.


The workshops are for pro’s, so the more advanced everyone is, the more we can teach you in four days!




The introductory offer price is 1999€.  (for all of our workshops in Spanish - at the moment, we have yet to publish dates for workshops in English)


It is a great saving compared to our full regular price of 2950€. This is for our workshops in Spanish.

All prices include a personal licence to use our method, a 350 page manual to refer to / continue your studies, and our patented tools for taking perfect body measurements.  The eometric method includes a 4 day workshop to guide you through the method, so that once your have learnt it, you can perfect it in your workplace.


eometric in english

In November, we will start working on the English version of EOMETRIC. We hope to offer the first workshops by Summer 2018. The method will be written in metric, but with inches in brackets. EOMETRIC will be taught in metric, so if you work in inches, you may want to start seeing what the cm and mm values are. You will not believe how much easier metric is... no more fractions! 



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